Our Mentors

Chris Heuer Focus: Collaborative Business Ecosystems

Chris, a seasoned strategist, specializes in leveraging collaborative intelligence. Founder of the Social Media Club and former strategist at Deloitte, Chris guides businesses towards a future of shared value creation, exploring opportunities in the evolving digital landscape.

Stuart Schuffman Focus: Grassroots Media Strategies

More commonly known as "Broke-Ass Stuart", Stuart has been a relentless advocate for grassroots media initiatives. Author, television show host, and advocate for the underrepresented, his unique perspective helps brands communicate authentically and grow organically.

David Rovics Focus: Authentic Creative Entrepreneurship

David’s footprint in the indie music scene speaks volumes about harnessing authentic creativity. With countless albums and tours, his experiences offer invaluable lessons on building a career out of passion, navigating independent routes, and the art of self-promotion.

Schlomo Rabinowitz Focus: Diverse Entrepreneurial Ventures

Schlomo, with his multifaceted entrepreneurial pursuits, epitomizes adaptability. From videography to event planning, his rich career journey offers a broad spectrum of lessons for budding entrepreneurs, emphasizing resilience and innovation.

Daniel Walmsley Focus: AI Integration in Business Solutions

As the Principal Architect for AI at Automattic, Daniel stands at the frontier of integrating artificial intelligence with business solutions. His experience with WordPress.com and insights from Automattic provide a nuanced understanding of utilizing AI to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and drive product innovation.

Susan Davis Focus: Community-driven Co-creation

Susan’s endeavors in community-oriented projects span various sectors, from finance to media. As a serial entrepreneur and community strategist, she encapsulates the ethos of co-creation, emphasizing the creation of shared values and sustainable models in business.

Shilpa Jain Focus: Holistic Community Engagement

Rooted in her work with YES! World and educational initiatives, Shilpa champions transformative social change by fostering holistic community engagement. Her approach encompasses inclusivity, sustainability, and the power of shared narratives.