The HOME Fusion Foundry

Turning Ambition into Achievement in Nevada City

October 1, 2023 — December 22, 2023*

Nestled within the calm surroundings of Nevada City, the HOME Fusion Foundry is more than just a retreat. It's a sanctuary where ideas take flight, a platform where visionaries come to cultivate and curate their dreams. Over a transformative span of three months, we offer you the tools, the guidance, and the community to metamorphose from an enthusiast to a fortified entrepreneur.

What We Offer:

  • Dedicated Living Spaces: Personalize your journey. Choose a private room or a one-bedroom cottage, each crafted to help you concentrate and ideate.

  • Holistic Nourishment: Stay energized and focused with our weekday offerings of breakfast and dinner. These meals aren't just about sustenance; they're an opportunity to bond with fellow participants over shared aspirations.

  • Weekly Wisdom Doses: Benefit from a tailored talk or workshop every week, delivered by one of our renowned mentors. These sessions are designed to fortify your knowledge base and equip you with actionable insights.

  • Unprecedented Access to Experts: Our mentors are not just names on a roster. They are a committed ensemble, each offering weekly office hours where you can schedule one-on-one time, discuss challenges, seek advice, or validate ideas.

Meet Our Mentors:

  • Chris Heuer - Collaborative Business Pioneer
  • Stuart Schuffman (Broke-Ass Stuart) - Grassroots Media Innovator
  • David Rovics - Self-made Singer & Songwriter
  • Schlomo Rabinowitz - Serial Entrepreneur & Visionary
  • Daniel Walmsley - Principal Architect for AI at Automattic
  • Susan Davis - Community Co-creation Champion
  • Shilpa Jain - Community Engagement & Growth Advocate

Your Evolution is Our Mission

You arrive with a spark - an idea, an enthusiasm, a fledgling business. We provide the wind to turn that spark into a flame. With an enriched environment, a community of like-minded individuals, and unparalleled access to industry mavens, your entrepreneurial venture will be poised for success.

Affordably priced with work-trade opportunities available.

Your journey starts here. Your dream, fueled by our dedication. Welcome to HOME Fusion Foundry.

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*While the structured program concludes December 22, our participants are welcome to stay and focus on their projects until the end of the year.