Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the HOME Fusion Foundry? The HOME Fusion Foundry is a three-month entrepreneur incubator program located in Nevada City. It provides participants with dedicated living spaces, meals, expert mentorship, and weekly workshops to help turn their business ideas into reality.

2. Who are the mentors and how can they assist me? Our mentors are accomplished professionals from diverse industries:

  • Chris Heuer: Collaborative Business Pioneer
  • Stuart Schuffman: Grassroots Media Innovator
  • David Rovics: Self-made Singer & Songwriter
  • Schlomo Rabinowitz: Serial Entrepreneur
  • Daniel Walmsley: Tech & Business Integration Expert
  • Susan Davis: Community Co-creation Specialist
  • Shilpa Jain: Community Engagement Advocate

Each mentor offers weekly office hours for one-on-one interactions and delivers a tailored talk or workshop to share their expertise.

3. What kind of accommodation is provided? Participants can choose between a private room or a one-bedroom cottage, both designed for maximum focus and productivity.

4. Can I join if I only have an idea and not a full-fledged business? Absolutely! The program is designed for both individuals with just a business idea and those with existing startups looking to refine and grow their venture.

5. How does the meal plan work? We provide breakfast and dinner on weekdays to keep you energized. This allows participants to concentrate fully on their business pursuits without the distraction of daily meal preparations.

6. What's the significance of the Sunday of Slack? The Sunday of Slack is our dedicated day for relaxation, reflection, and community bonding. It includes a communal brunch and offers an opportunity for participants to recharge and connect on a deeper level.

7. How do I apply? You can apply directly through our website. The application process includes filling out a detailed form about your business idea or venture, after which our team will review it and get back to you.

8. What is the cost of participating in the HOME Fusion Foundry program? For detailed pricing and options, please visit our dedicated Pricing and Options page.

9. Is there any post-program support available? Yes, post-program support is available for participants, ensuring they have the necessary guidance even after the three-month period ends. Details will be provided during the program.

10. Can I visit the location before making a decision? Absolutely! We encourage potential participants to visit and experience the serene surroundings of Nevada City and our facilities. Please get in touch to schedule a visit.